Lesbian Sex & The City: We Decided To Go To A Celebration For Ivy League Lesbians And Certainly Will Never Be The Exact Same

Last week we, Carrie Lezshaw, entered exactly what felt like an IRL episode of ”
The L Keyword

I was thinking an Ivy League party would-be rigid and that


would stick out since the “naughty ratchet sore flash” nevertheless was actually the complete opposite. It was definitely TEEMING with
hot energy lesbians

Picture a-room filled up with Bettes and Helenas. There have been certain
cast in there, as well. Not that numerous because Shanes are usually smoking cigarettes outside a grungy club. These women had been polished – new blowouts, high priced manicures, and meets from Bloomingdales, maybe not L Train classic.

Corinne Kai
(GO journal’s very own managing editor) and I appeared, wanting to appear “professional.” My instinct told me to get my choker off inside the taxi and so I shoved it into my personal beat up Chanel clutch. Corinne frantically undid the woman bondage-chic black-leather collar into the elevator as soon as we happened to be welcomed with quizzical (if you don’t judgmental) appears from two power lezzies exiting the lift. I became dressed in a floor-length black colored dress with a high leg slit paired with a powder blue leather-jacket and a ponytail therefore tight it provided me with a no cost facelift. Corrine was at large knee trousers (her signature appearance) a fluffy garment and leather-jacket. Having our collars down didn’t really do a great deal keeping us from
standing up out

But as we were there happened to be realized that everyone had been a low-key nut anyhow.

I don’t know where to start, all of you. Power lesbians are my brand new favored thing. Everyone loves all of them significantly more than I favor my personal
eyelash extensions
. I enjoy all of them a lot more than I love gleaming rosé in a can. I enjoy them over I adore
Monday nights at Cubbyhole
. It’s difficult to get my personal views for this article as I get the cunt flutters everytime We make an effort to place it into words.

The things I thought would definitely be frumpy and buttoned-up was sexy and delicious.

We surfaced through the elevator, ready to end up being greeted by more judgmental stares, but we had been greeted with smiles and nods. With crudité and beverage hotdogs. (Cocktail hotdogs tend to be delicious and whoever declines it really is L-Y-I-N-G.) We hit up the bar, which had been stocked with every little thing your bougie center could want, and surveyed the bedroom.

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I’d turn to my correct and discover a hot dyke in a perfectly customized fit and designer loafers. I’d look to my personal left and find out a striking rencontre femme ronde in a skin tight beverage outfit. I felt like I had to develop to attach a leash to my personal neckband to keep myself personally from attempting to make down collectively power lezzie I noticed.

“the hell tend to be we meant to keep in touch with men and women when we both have actually devastating
social anxiousness?
” I asked Corinne, half-joking. I was unnerved. Before she could respond to, a dapper butch inserted by herself between united states.

“Hi! We’re all right here to mingle, therefore why don’t we socialize.”

Really, that has been easy.

To start with, the talks had been specialist. Networking, as the saying goes. We made loads of meaningful contacts and added to our very own upcoming directory of
100 Women We Enjoy

Noise of “Where do you realy operate?” “What do you do?” “have you figured out so-and-so?” filled the area, but since the evening progressed in addition to Sauvignon Blanc kept streaming circumstances heated up up in Ivy League lesboland.

If you’re a millennial, you already know how agonizing matchmaking tends to be. We are now living in a perpetual condition of swiping and sliding in to the DMs. While I ENJOY internet dating tradition (hell, I generated
a vocation
from it) it could be honestly discouraging to rarely developed gender personally – to “travel” i really believe the respectable power lesbians refer to it as. Tune in to me, girls. These ladies really *ask you* out over see your face. They don’t really send their roommate (they don’t need roommates!) your decision to say that “my pal thinks you’re lovable.” They don’t abstain from making visual communication along with you all-night at an obscure Brooklyn plunge bar next message you on myspace asking if perhaps you were from additional evening. They don’t anticipate one message all of them 1st on
while passive-aggressively liking all of your Instagram pictures. They actually utilize their social skills and Ask-You-Out.

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Its low-key depressing that is actually exciting for me, but it’s. It’s therefore refreshing to get blatantly struck on as opposed to playing the entire coy

do you want to have sexual intercourse with me or perhaps not?

game. These females let you KNOW.

“i have browse the Lesbian gender and town line. Do you need to venture out sometime?”

“are you currently solitary?”

“will there be a proprietor to that collar?”

Corinne and I got concerns like these through the night. Of course, our very own egos had been soaring and our very own heads had been spinning. (We have now concluded that we love power lesbians/daddies.)

^ Us all evening.

I am so pleased by how unabashedly sexual, direct, and confident these girls had been. They made Carrie Lezshaw puuurrrrrr.

Instead getting a “freelance musician” (AKA cigarette smoking weed within their attic and screwing around on Instagram all day) these females had tasks. Impressive tasks. Important jobs. Jobs with actual paychecks. Ugh. The hairs from the straight back of my personal neck are standing.

I found myself very blissed on compliments, good discussion, white wine, and expensive cheese that I really forgot about my personal devastating personal anxiousness. Which is probably because a power lesbian took Corinne and I also under her wing and launched united states to any or all who was well worth once you understand – AKA everybody here.

What is actually even more important than just how hot individuals were, was actually just how supporting individuals were.


could be the particular event I want to be at: where females help ladies. Females uplift females. And, obvi, ladies struck on women. For females, particularly lesbians, it is SO validating and inspiring to see others thriving and slaying. Here is the sort of items that provides wish, inspires united states, and forces united states to uplift each other and do better ourselves. It shows all of us, yes, we could get it all. It reveals us we’re shattering the cup ceiling. It shows you what lengths we have come as a residential area. It reveals all of us lesbians can perform everything. It reveals you that energy lesbians are the most potent aphrodisiac on the planet.

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We saw the long run because area of Armani suits and DVF place clothes. I noticed a young girl living in Arkansas developing up and recognizing she can both kiss ladies


operate a company. We noticed a timid queer, new to the city realizing she is sustained by people she doesn’t even know. We watched females sharing tips, business cards, and numbers.

Nobody ended up being arguing over semantics or placing both down. Nobody ended up being fighting to get the most woke or profitable. Every person simply planned to talk and hook up.

When you yourself haven’t gone to one of them activities, get your butt truth be told there, babe. Oahu is the one spot where you can swap resumes in order to find some one worth happening big date with. It is going to totally ensure you get your butt under control when you can be a tad judgmental like yours genuinely. We went in with reduced expectations and kept trailing a hot lez dressed in leather shorts. I’d NOT A CLUE that a residential district full of self-confident, knowledgeable, drive, and hot AF woman was actually on the market. These women can be too busy running businesses is shady towards the other person. They will have a lot of emails within their email to get hate-tweeting both. They’re far more enthusiastic about bringing one another up than ripping one another down.

Move over, Brooklyn Shanes, i am holding with all the New york Bettes now. Only don’t let them know I didn’t head to Harvard and therefore I live with 2 roommates in a loft in Greenpoint.